Kindly follow the below stated steps, Incase you are facing a Issue or have an complaint to make:

1) Step 1: Call our Customer care number (022-48975000) from your registered mobile number and give complete details of issue faced.

Our Call Suport team will note down your issue and forward the same to the relevant team.You can expect the same to be resolved within 48-72 working hrs.So Kindly be patient for Next 72 working hrs to a resolution.

Move on to step 2, Only Incase the issue is not resolved within 72 working hrs of following the 1st Step.

2) Send an Email on, stating issue faced and all relevant details.

You can expect the issue to be addressed within a maxium time frame of 7 working days in this case.

Important Note: Directly Jumping to Step 2, may lead to further delay of resolution.Thus kindly follow the hierarchy for quick resolution.

Kindly follow the below stated steps, Incase you have an compiments and/or suggestions to make:

Compliements  & suggestions are always welcome on